Robotic Process Automation – RPA

Automation is one of the critical factor in achieving Digitalization Success.

  • Robotic Process Automation will help industry to reduce errors,improve consistency and controls – on top of productivity
  • At SMAJO Consulting , we invest our industry and technology expertise in Process Automation.


  • RPA is evolution of previous age automations like Excel, Software testing tools and screen scraping tools.
  • RPA bundles all these automations techniques, but allows to be run remotely, without human intervention. They can be developed, deployed and maintained with all the controls and governance of any other software / applications.
  • Technology, until in the recent past, was only an enabler for Business. Traditional Finance, Supply Chain, Product Life Applications were supporting traditional business products offered.
  • On top of productivity, they bring in lot of other important benefits to business – quality, consistency, accuracy, controls and compliance.
  • the industry and enterprises, wants to take the automation to the next level, as a natural progression, with intelligent and cognitive skills like ICR/OCR, Machine Learning models for better decision making and Natural Language Processing for better collaboration with humans.
  • But, in the recent years, we have seen traditional business are heavily disrupted by similar or better services provided by Technology.
  • In all these cases, Technology leads in defining and providing new business services. Technology has become the driver / differentiator. Technology is revolutionizing the way services are offered to the customers.

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